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Brewery Name: Mioya Brewery

Region: Japan - Ishikawa

Alcohol: 16.0%

Rice: Notohikari

Sake Grade: Junmai (Seimaibuai 55%)

Food Pairing:
Pairs well with a variety of dishes from patê to pecan pie. Also try with miso-glazed seafood, pesto pasta, or cilantro dishes.

Notes & Critical Acclaim:

Rich texture and bold umami flavors are expressed by Toji Miho-san's experimental brewing methods including 1 year of bottle aging. Eternal Embers is named for a local "river-crossing" festival wherein an ancient Japanese prince is reunited with his beloved princess. Torches are used to light the way to their joyous once-yearly reunion.

Bread pudding aromatics of raisin, nut, and fig. A major trademark of this Yuho sake is that there is lots of umami without being cloying. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled.

About The Producer:
Unapologetically unconventional, Yuho experiments with brewing components and techniques to produce sake that has a wild, gamey characteristic with pronounced acidity and remarkable texture. President Miho Fujita, a single career woman from Tokyo with no prior knowledge of sake, and Toji Yokomichi-san, who left his corporate job to pursue sake, do not follow traditional brewing methods—they brew the sake they enjoy drinking. Yuho means “happy rice” and also refers to the city’s supposed numerous UFO sightings. Miho-san believes her sake can stay open for longer than most – she personally likes to drink them after being open for 1-2 months.

Brewery Name: Mioya Brewery

Yuho Eternal Embers Junmai 720ML

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