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Brewery Name: Kizakura Brewery

Region: Japan - Kyoto

Alcohol: 14.9%

Rice: Gohyakumangoku & Gin-Ohmi

Sake Grade: Ginjo (Seimaibuai 55%)

Food Pairing:
Try with shrimp skewers, BBQ chicken, and citrus-based ceviches

Notes & Critical Acclaim:

The juicy watermelon notes in this sake make it perfect for a warm day or for an aperitif. Well of Wisdom draws its water source from the town of Fushimi, which means “hidden water” and is known for its characteristically soft and pure water that is perfect for brewing sake."

Watermelon, honeydew, sweet melon, and a hint of pistachio. Soft and silky with a touch of white pepper on the finish.

About The Producer:
Tozai is the authentically Japanese sake that bridges the gap between East and West and is an invitation for all to enjoy Japanese sake. Tozai’s style is approachable for sake pros and novices alike, taking sake out of the “special occasion” category and making it an everyday drink. Each Tozai sake is a classic representation of its style and grade. Be transported to Japan just by looking at Tozai—the labels feature hand-painted koi fish, traditional Japanese kanji, and origami paper patterns.

Brewery Name: Kizakura Brewery

Toji (master brewer): Yoshinori Wakai

Tozai Well of Wisdom Ginjo 720ML

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